Arna Pitre

Clown | Magic Caster | Criminal

Age: 21
Race: Hyur (Midlander)
Height: 1,65m / 5'4"
Weight: 45kg / 99lbs
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Lesbian
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Nameday: 1st Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Guardian: Menphina, the Lover

- OverviewA charming and magnetic performer, Arna has worked as a clown for many years of her lifetime.Born without a family or a home, she was raised by the streets of Limsa Lominsa, learning to trick and to steal from an early age.Taken in by the ringleader of a circus when she was ten years old, she learned to be charismatic and persuasive. She also discovered she had a fine aptitude for many types of magic.After an incredibly traumatic event during her teenage years, she left the circus and began travelling the world as a solo performer, enchanting and often manipulating those who fell for her charms.

- Likes

  • Foods: Anything that is sweet or has meat in it.

  • Drinks: Sweet fruit juices, all types of alcohol, coffee with cream.

  • Scents: Campfires, fresh clothing, the sea.

  • Colours: All of them, but blue is her favorite.

  • Other: The thrill of battle, travelling, smoking, cute outfits, sex.

- Dislikes

  • Foods: Some vegetables, salads.

  • Drinks: Tea, black coffee.

  • Scents: Strong body odor, perfume for men.

  • Colours: None.

  • Other: Nobles, politicians, authorities, masculine men.

  • La Noscea Native - Born and raised in Limsa Lominsa, Arna is well acquainted with all of the La Noscean islands. She loves the warm weather, and she loves the beaches even more. Her home is located near one.

  • The Rogue - Having to fight to survive from an early age, Arna had to learn skills such as quiet steps and pickpocketing, as well as learning how to stay hidden in the shadows. A consequence of these rough early years of her life was the fact she developed a deep hatred of nobles, and other rich individuals.

  • The Fool - Trained by Alice, the ringleader of the circus, she learned to be charismatic, inviting and persuasive, often using her artistic persona to lure and deceive individuals. One of the bad habits she developed during her time in the circus was smoking, often doing it when she feels stressed or pressured.

  • The Magician - In her teenage years, Arna discovered she had a fine aptitude for magic. Being a small and thin woman, she was relieved that she could finally protect herself properly, as well as use her newfound magic for her performances, making them that much more impressive.

  • Cherchez la femme - Although men are easier to seduce and deceive, Arna has a strong preference for women, enjoying the extra challenge and work they often require, as well as finding the rewards much more pleasurable.

  • (Slightly) Soft Heart - Try as she might to only use people as a means to an end, Arna can sometimes fall for certain types of individuals. Those she ends up loving become very dear to her, and she would never dream of hurting them. Additionally, she secretly loves romance books, even more so if they contain smut.

  • Body Art - Her entire body is covered in several drawings, white in color, which glow slightly in the dark. These tattoos were made with magic, but their meaning, purpose and origin seem to be known only to herself.